Pure electric vehicle drive motor

Specifications Model: pure electric vehicle drive motor
Voltage: 144V-348V
Power: 10KW-25KW
Number of revolutions: 0RPM-12000RPM
Insulation class: H grade
Cooling method: natural air cooling
Working system: S9
Protection class: IP67

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Pure electric vehicle drive motor Details

(Pure electric vehicle drive motor) using more advanced design concepts and assembly technology.
Pure electric vehicle motor is composed of AC motor and its supporting controller composed of speed drive system. AC motor is the exchange of asynchronous traction motor, is a rotating magnetic field to promote the rotor rotation, simple structure, reliability, drive circuit is simple and reliable, high efficiency. Compared with the rare earth permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet motor cost is high, the integrated price is twice as much as the exchange of asynchronous, especially once the electric car pop up, rare earth resources shortage, the price will soar, so that electric cars are very economical, affecting the electric car Popularization: there are still complex drive circuit, the reliability is not good to do, heat treatment is difficult, making the actual efficiency but not as good as AC induction motor; rare earth permanent magnet motor is usually water cooling, the power structure is complex and cost increases. In contrast, the advantages of AC motor is very obvious.
Applications: pure electric logistics vehicles, pure electric passenger cars, pure electric postal vehicles, pure electric sanitation vehicles, and so on.
Summary Advantages:
First, high degree of protection, high efficiency, reliability and strong.
Second, cost-effective, large starting torque.
Third, long life, easy maintenance, simple structure, low noise.
Fourth, the motor cover and the base with aluminum alloy structure, small size, light weight.
Fifth, stepless speed regulation, overload capacity.
Sixth, compact structure, power density.
① speed switch (throttle pedal) damage to determine
② motor damage judgment
③ controller damage to judge
④ comprehensive situation to determine
① turn the handle (throttle pedal) source voltage is normal, detect the turn signal voltage, turn the turn (throttle pedal), the signal voltage should be within a certain range from low to high changes. If the voltage does not change and less than 1V, then turn the (accelerator pedal) fault or turn (throttle pedal) line short circuit. If the voltage is greater than 1V and the change is normal, then turn (throttle pedal) normal, check other items.
② respectively, the motor encoder signal line, slowly turn the motor by hand, each phase voltage should be a certain range of changes, such as no change in voltage motor damage is damaged, should replace the electric car motor or motor encoder. If the voltage conversion is normal and the power supply is normal, the controller is damaged and the controller is replaced.
③ with a multimeter to detect the controller power input voltage, the voltage should be greater than the rated voltage (battery fully charged), if no voltage, should check the input line. Check the controller to turn the power supply voltage (then turn the red, black line), such as no voltage, unplug the handle, the voltage recovery, it may be short-circuit motor encoder, such as no voltage, Replace the controller.
④ first check the speed switch (throttle pedal) and electric car motor encoder with or without short circuit, the general rain after the tide is more likely to cause short-circuit connector, so pay attention to turn (accelerator pedal) connector waterproof, if the controller is damaged after the replacement Before the new controller should first check the turn (throttle pedal) and motor encoder signal line is shorted? Otherwise it will cause the replacement controller to be damaged continuously.


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