Miniature electric motor

Rated voltage: DC60V
Maximum speed: 5000rpm
Insulation class: H grade
Working system: S9
Rated power: 2.8KW
Rated torque: 11Nm
Protection class: IP55

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Miniature electric motor Details

Electric motor refers to the electromagnetic induction law according to the law of energy conversion or transmission of an electromagnetic device. The motor is also known as a motor, and is represented by the letter "M" (old standard "D") in the circuit. Its main role is to generate drive torque as a power source for electric vehicles.
Electric vehicle maintenance and maintenance of the main points:
1, the wiring of the motor: the four lead wires of the motor are marked as follows: A1 - armature winding first end, A2 - armature winding end, D1 (D3) - series winding winding end, D2 (D4) Winding end. D2 is connected to A1, and the voltage is applied between D1 and A2, and the motor can be rotated. To return to D1, D2 or A1, A2 can be achieved by any set of conversions.
2, the motor commutator end has four check windows for observation and maintenance of commutator and replacement brush with.
3, the minimum allowable insulation resistance of the motor (250V megger): 45V below the motor is 0.5MΩ, 45-100V motor 1 MΩ.
4, if necessary, should be clear between the brush for the small groove and commutator surface carbon powder.
5, the motor does not allow high-speed idling start.
6, regularly open the shutter to check the part of the brush and brush is normal.
(1) electric vehicle instrument display normal, the motor does not turn the cause of the malfunction
① damage to determine the handle
② transfer speed to determine the damage
③ motor damage judgment
④ controller damage
① Unplug the brake lever (normally open brake). If the motor is running, the brake is broken, the brake should be replaced.
② turn the source 5V voltage normal, check the turn signal voltage, turn the handle, the signal voltage should be 0.8 ~ 4.2V from low to high changes. If the voltage does not change and less than 1V, then turn the handle or turn the line short circuit. If the voltage is greater than 1V and the change is normal, detect the motor Hall signal (yellow, green, blue line). If the three-phase Hall signal line voltage is all 5V and the contact is good, then the motor Hall is damaged, should replace the motor or motor Hall element.
③ detect the motor Hall signal line, hand slowly rotating the motor, each phase voltage should be between 0 ~ 5V changes, such as no change in voltage when the motor Hall damage, should replace the electric car motor or motor Hall element. If the voltage conversion is normal and the power supply is normal, the controller is damaged and the controller is replaced.
④ with a multimeter to detect the controller power input voltage, the voltage should be greater than 36V (battery fully charged), if no voltage, should check the input line. Check the controller to turn the power supply voltage (then turn the red and black lines), the normal voltage in the 5 ~ 6V, such as no 5V voltage, unplug the handle, the voltage recovery 5V, it may be short for the motor Hall element, such as Still no 5V voltage, then the controller failure, should replace the controller.
⑤ first check the speed switch and electric car motor Hall with or without short circuit at the beginning, the general rain after the tide is more likely to cause short-circuit connector, so pay attention to turn the joints waterproof, if the controller is damaged after the replacement of the new controller should first check Switch and motor Hall switch is short circuit? Otherwise it will cause the controller to replace the continuous damage!
⑥ or the motor does not turn, the key to check the motor Hall switch and turn the signal, if a power, the controller shell is very hot, usually the controller internal power tube short circuit, should immediately cut off the power.


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