Miniature car drive motor

Specifications Model: Micro-car drive motor
Voltage: 48V-96V
Power: 1.5KW-4KW
Number of revolutions: 0RPM-6000RPM
Insulation class: H grade
Cooling method: natural air cooling
Working system: S9
Protection class: IP55

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Miniature car drive motor Details

Installed in the middle of the car motor, through the reducer device, drive electric four-wheelers.
The micro-vehicle drive motor is a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Since the magnetic field of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is generated by the permanent magnet, it avoids the excitation loss caused by the excitation current to generate the magnetic field. The permanent magnet synchronous motor has high power factor, Consumption is small, the efficiency is higher. Through the excellent design of permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor and asynchronous motor reliability, but because of the permanent magnet synchronous motor structure flexibility, easy to achieve direct drive load, reliability and strong. Permanent magnet synchronous motor has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, low loss, high efficiency and high power factor. It is mainly used to meet the requirements of fast response, wide speed range and high accuracy.
Summary Advantages:
First, small size, light weight.
Second, the loss of small, high efficiency, high power factor.
Third, the response quickly, accurate positioning, simple structure.
Fourth, the output characteristics of hard, smooth operation, mileage long, cost-effective.
Applications: electric tricycle, electric four-wheelers, tourist cars, older scooters and so on.


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