Electric motorcycle in the home motor

Voltage: DC72-110V
Speed: 4000-8000rpm
Cooling method: natural cold
Protection class: IP55
Power: 15-40KW
Insulation class: H grade
Working system: S9

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Electric motorcycle in the home motor Details

Mounted in the middle of the electric bicycle (that is, the bike pedal), through the transmission (such as the chain + flywheel) to the rear wheel, usually using high-speed motor, smaller diameter, the rotor for the inner axis (as with the common motor )
In the motor function, we can divide it into two kinds:
The first is a simple home drive motor, the configuration of the motor bike can have two riding mode, that is, human riding mode and automatic riding mode, the rider can according to their actual needs in these two riding Line mode to switch and select.
The second is a real-time help in the home drive motor, configure the motor bike can have three riding mode, that is, human riding mode, assisted riding mode and automatic riding mode, the rider can also according to their own The actual need to switch in these three modes of direct switching and selection, assisted riding mode with its healthy and high-life help riding characteristics, will become the future development trend.
The motor is a mechanical and electrical combination of products, from the structure, it is not a simple motor, the motor through the mechanical structure of the torque amplification after a power output assembly, in the case of the same motor power, the home motor can With the mechanical structure to output greater torque, in order to achieve a small power consumption, the output torque characteristics.
Summary advantages:
First, the price is low, the controller is not demanding.
Second, the torque is large, the back of the flywheel can be idling very far away to save power.
Third, the stepless speed according to the gear than the gear speed torque has.


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