Car Washer QL-390

Model: QL-390
Power: 1.6kw / 50HZ / 220V
Speed: 2800 (r.p.m)
Flow: ≤13 (L / min)
Maximum pressure: 7Mpa
Gross Weight / Net Weight: 20/19 (kg)
Packing size: 53.5X33.5X33 (cm)

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Car Washer QL-390 Details

Model QL-390 is higher in the flow pressure, greater, more power, making the cleaning work can be better.
Product advantages:
The machine uses single-phase motor through the coupling directly drive three-cylinder piston pump, compact structure, small size, high pressure, flow, with leakage protection switch, high efficiency, reliable, easy to transfer.
1. Three-cylinder piston pump, stainless steel plunger
2. Install the regulator on the pump, the pressure can be adjusted
3. Aluminum pump head
4. The pump head has a vent hole, as soon as possible to exhaust the air inside the machine
5. High quality oil seal and water seal
6. Precise pressure gauge
Structural features:
1. Three-cylinder piston pump, compact structure, small size, light weight, reliable, the appearance of new, beautiful, practical and safe.
2. Belt wheel brake, belt replacement convenient, conducive to maintenance.
3. Three kinds of mobile options, that is, single-handed, double hand lift, flat implementation. Easy to transfer, reduce the labor intensity of the user.
4. Can be equipped with universal joints, quick change connector, to avoid hose winding twist, easy to operate, easy disassembly.
Scope of application:
Vehicles, agricultural machinery, ships and other motor vehicles cleaning and maintenance, and can be applied to livestock farms, swimming pools, gymnasium, vegetable market and other environmental health work, doors and windows, underground, toilet and difficult to clean the corner have special effects.


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