Car Washer QL-290

Model: QL-290 Automatic
Rated voltage: 220V / 50HZ
Rated power: 1100W
Rated pressure: 6-8MPA
Rated flow: 400L / H

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Car Washer QL-290 Details

Advantages: fast water, pressure, portable convenience, durability, cost-effective
Scope of application:
1. A variety of motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and high-rise building rinse maintenance, such as washing cars, bulldozers, concrete mixers, tractors and so on. The best cleaning tools for car cleaning and motorcycles.
2. Building exterior, floor, bath, swimming pool cleaning. Doors and windows, underground, toilet. It is particularly useful for difficult to clean corners.
3. Food processing plants, food processing machinery and hotels, restaurants, kitchen disinfection cleaning.
Structural features:
1. The machine uses single-phase motor through the coupling directly drive two-cylinder piston pump, compact structure, small size, reliable.
2. The machine has a variety of ways to move, that is, single-handed, double hand, flat implementation, transfer convenience, see the pro-user's labor intensity.
3. The machine supporting the quick change connector, can save time, easy operation, disassembly quickly.
1, maintenance cleaning machine is the most important thing is to change the oil, to remove impurities in the machine debris for the first time the use of cleaning machines in the use of 10 hours after the replacement of oil. Later, according to the use of timely replacement of oil, the general work every 200 hours to change the oil.
Tips. Pro cleaning machine with a month or so will have to change the oil as the car as a maintenance (need to buy a motorcycle 4-stroke oil on it can be, and need to fill the scale of the line yo)
Use Note: Do not use dirty water (including silt hair fibers)
Please replace the oil on time, such as oil with white to be replaced, the general operation of about 200 hours to be replaced once.
Do not turn off the motor power
user's guidance.
Step 1: Unscrew the fuel filler
The second step: pour the original oil plus must be finished Oh.
Step 3: Cover the fuel filler.
The fourth step: connected to the water pipes.
The fifth step: first pour into the water pipe in the pour point of water to exclude the air inside, better and faster water, so as to avoid the machine in the early air suction, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear.
The next power can be used.
Finally, you can start washing your car, and spin the gun can be transferred out of the water type, water mist and water column Oh!


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