205-10 inch electric car motor

Specifications Model: 20-27 (stacked high)
Voltage: 48V-60V
Speed: 350R-500R
Wheel type: MT2.15-10
Assembly size: 160mm
Color: Black / Champagne / Milky White / Gold

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205-10 inch electric car motor Details

Brush DC motor is characterized by brushless, the use of semiconductor switching devices (such as Hall elements) to achieve electronic commutation, that is, with electronic switching devices instead of the traditional contact commutator and brush. It has the advantages of high reliability, no change of spark, low mechanical noise.
The position sensor converts the current of the stator winding in a certain order according to the change of the rotor position (that is, the position of the rotor pole relative to the stator winding is detected and the position sensing signal is generated at the determined position and processed by the signal conversion circuit Control the power switch circuit, according to a certain logical relationship between the winding current switching).
(1) long life, maintenance-free, high reliability. In the brush DC motor, due to the higher motor speed, brush and commutator wear faster, generally about 1000 hours to replace the brush. In addition, the technical difficulty of reducing the gear box is relatively large, especially the transmission gear lubrication problem, is the brush program is relatively large problem. So there is a large brush motor noise, low efficiency, easy to produce problems such as failure. So the advantages of brushless DC motor is obvious.
(2) high efficiency, energy saving. In general, the brushless DC motor does not have mechanical commutation of the friction loss and gearbox consumption, as well as speed circuit losses, the efficiency is usually higher than 85%, but taking into account the actual design of the highest cost, in order to reduce material consumption , Generally designed for 76%. While the efficiency of the brush DC motor due to the gearbox and beyond the clutch consumption, usually around 70%.
Detection and Elimination of Common Faults in Motor.
1, the motor no-load current
When the motor no-load current is greater than the limit data, indicating that the motor has failed. The reason why the motor no-load current is big is that the mechanical friction inside the motor is large, the coil is short-circuited and the magnet is demagnetized. We continue to do the relevant test and inspection items, you can further determine the cause of failure or fault location.
Motor no-load / load speed ratio is greater than 1.5, turn on the power, turn the handle, the motor high-speed no-load rotation more than 10s. After the motor speed is stable, measure the maximum speed N1 of the motor at this time. Under the standard test conditions, travel more than 200m distance, began to measure the motor maximum load speed N2. No load / load ratio = N2 ÷ N1.
When the motor no-load / load speed ratio is greater than 1.5, indicating that the motor magnet demagnetization has been quite powerful, and should replace the motor inside the entire magnet, the actual maintenance of electric vehicles in the process is generally the replacement of the motor.
2, the motor fever
The direct cause of the motor is due to the large current caused by the motor current I, the motor input electromotive force E1, the motor rotation of the induced electromotive force (also known as back EMF) E2, and the relationship between the motor coil resistance R is: I = E1-E2) ÷ R, I increases, indicating that R becomes smaller or E2 is reduced. R is small is generally short-circuit or open circuit caused by, E2 reduction is generally caused by magnetic demagnetization or coil short circuit, open circuit caused. In the electric vehicle maintenance practice, the method of handling the motor heat barrier, usually replace the motor.
3, the motor in the run-time mechanical collision or mechanical noise
Whether high-speed motors or low-speed motors, mechanical shocks or discontinuous irregular mechanical noise should not occur during load operation. Different types of motors can be repaired using different methods.
4, the vehicle mileage shortened, the motor fatigue
The cause of the car is short and the motor is weak (commonly known as the motor boring) the reason is more complex. But when we ruled out the above four kinds of motor failure, in general, the vehicle continued to run a short fault is not caused by the motor, and the battery capacity of the attenuation, the charger is not full, the controller parameters drift (PWM Signal does not reach 100%) and so on.
5, brushless motor missing phase
The absence of a brushless motor is generally caused by damage to the brushless motor's Hall element. We can use the comparison method to determine which Hall element is faulty by measuring the resistance of the Hall element output lead relative to the lead wire and the lead of the Hall power supply.
In order to ensure the accuracy of the motor commutation position, it is generally recommended to replace all three Hall elements at the same time. Before changing the Hall element, it must be made clear whether the phase angle of the motor is 120 ° or 60 °. Generally, the three Hall elements of the 120 ° phase angle motor are placed parallel. While the 60 ° phase angle motor, three Hall element in the middle of a Hall element is turned 180 ° position placed.


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