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Why use high-pressure water jet cleaning (pressure washer)?

Update:09 Jan 2018

1, The traditional solution to the problem of plugging […]

1, The traditional solution to the problem of plugging the bamboo dredge and dredge dredge, and these methods can only solve the temporary flow of sewage, and can not fundamentally solve the problem 2, the cause of pipeline congestion: vegetable fat, animal fat, feces Such sticky material into the pipe, sticking to the pipe wall to form scale, hair, rags, renovation of the residue, the proliferation of microorganisms in the pipe wall scale formation, the accumulation of time, poor circulation or blocked pipe.
3, High-pressure washing machine to water as the medium, through special equipment system to make water production of multi-beam, multi-angle intensity of ultra-high pressure water cleaning to clear the pipeline dirt debris. High pressure washer wide range of applications, high efficiency, save costs, short construction period, no chemical reaction, does not damage the environment, will not give customers unnecessary trouble, is the first choice for difficult problems.
Pressure washer cleaning the pipe, the pressure range of 100-1500 kg, a cold water pressure washer, hot water pressure washer (high temperature and pressure washer) to meet the various pipeline cleaning requirements, high pressure cleaners must be equipped with professional cleaning technicians And pipeline detection equipment.

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