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What Are the Commonly Used Electric Bicycle Motors

Update:11 Oct 2018

Electric Bicycle Motor are generally DC motors, with or […]

Electric Bicycle Motor are generally DC motors, with or without permanent magnets, and there are two types of permanent magnet motors and series motors. The part of the motor that rotates is called the rotor, and the part that does not rotate is called the stator. The rotor or stator of the permanent magnet motor has one permanent magnet and the other is an enameled wire wound wire package; the rotor and stator of the series motor are enameled wire wound wire packages. For motors of the same power, permanent magnet motors save power compared to series motors. The magnet of the permanent magnet motor is afraid of high temperature, and the poor quality of 110 degrees will demagnetize, and the good can reach 140 degrees; the series motor does not have a permanent magnet, and this problem does not exist. At present, the three rounds of freight on the market, the motor power is generally between 400 watts and 900 watts, all of which use series-excited motors, which are brushed motors. It takes about 300 watts to travel three wheels, and generally uses permanent magnet motors. Electric bicycle motors generally range from 180 watts to 250 watts, and electric motorcycles range from 350 watts to 500 watts. These two vehicles also use permanent magnet motors.

Permanent magnet motors are divided into two categories: brushed electric bicycle motors and brushless electric bicycle motors. Brushless motor and brushless motor have brush or brushless. It is said that the brush motor is said to continuously rotate the DC motor. It is carried out by the same magnetic repulsion of the rotor magnetic field and the stator magnetic field and the opposite sex suction. The current in the line pack must be switched on the appropriate machine, otherwise it will not suck. The brush motor is automatically completed by the cooperation of the commutator (called the commutator) and the brush, and the commutator and the brush are mounted inside the motor.

Generally speaking, there are brushless, brushless, toothless, brushed, toothed, brushless, toothed hub motors with gears and gears. Electric bicycle motors of the same power are more powerful than gearless when starting and climbing, suitable for sloped road conditions, and high-speed motors are highly efficient. However, such electric bicycle motors have a low life and are difficult to buy and have high maintenance costs.

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