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Wenling High Pressure Washer Is Good Choice for Cleaning Mine Car

Update:16 Jul 2018

The high pressure washers have a wide range of cleaning […]

The high pressure washers have a wide range of cleaning skills, and they have played a very important role in the mining of mine trucks in the mining category. For a long time, the accumulation of dust on the bottom of the truck was an old setback affecting the production power. For many years, the research department had experimented and developed some machinery and equipment for collecting and rectifying the dirt on the truck. For example: the electromagnetic sensation, the drum excavation type The use of mechanical blade-type appliances, but in the use of the car is not very good pick-up and hygiene, there is a low power and poor results.

The use of high pressure washers to complete this mission has become very simple and able to achieve the best results. So it has been favored by many coal companies. Coal slag delivery from coal mines and other companies is a very important process. The transportation capability of coal mines directly affects the increase of production value and economic efficiency. Therefore, the transportation of slag by mine cars occupies a very important position in the production of coal mines. The cleaning of the minecart is a very important job.

The principle of the high pressure washer cleaning the mine car is to use high-pressure water jets to impact, impact, and cut the adhesion of the car, and the water wedge effect of the high-pressure water jet in the gap of the bonded object, and the binding of the dust on the high pressure under the powerful effect of the water jet, it was cracked and dropped, and it was washed away from the bottom of the car under the impact of water. If you want to know about the ultra-high pressure washer, you can also refer to the ultra-high pressure washer in cleaning. The advantage in this way is that the mine car is cleaned and cleaned by a high pressure washer.

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