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Wenling High Pressure Cleaner ( Daily Maintenance)

Update:07 Sep 2018

Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of High Pressure Clea […]

Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of High Pressure Cleaner. The high pressure cleaner is the fastest new-type high-pressure cleaning equipment in recent years. Because of its low cleaning cost, no pollution to the environment, and no damage to the features of cleaning and cleaning power, it is widely used in various occupations. Everyone knows that even the best mechanical equipment needs to be protected. So, how should the daily maintenance and protection of the high pressure cleaner be carried out?

First, connect one end of the inlet pipe to the inlet of the high pressure cleaner, the other end into the bucket, connect the water source and the power supply, turn the high-pressure gun to trigger, and wait for the air in the high pressure pump to drain, then enter the working state.

Second: When cleaning the hose and filter of the high pressure cleaner, it is recommended to use a proper amount of detergent, so that it can be used to remove the detergent residue in the high pressure cleaner and supply the high pressure cleaner with pure tap water. Strictly stop the sand and other impurities in the water. High pressure pumps often flush the scale accumulated in the inlet pipe.

Third: In order to ensure that all the pressure inside the hose can be released every time the Automatic Pressure Washer is used, you need to pull the trigger on the servo gun rod in time.

Fourth: In order to ensure that the high pressure cleaner has a long operating time, you need to develop a habit every time you use the high pressure cleaner, that is, remove all the hoses installed on the cleaning pump, such as rubber soft. Tubes and high pressure hoses, etc.

Fifth: Check the pump before water supply, ensure the water supply of water pressure and flow, no rust in the water tank, the filter should be regularly checked to ensure no blockage and damage, beware of solid particles and water pipes entering the pump and nozzle, the filter should be with water quality The requirements are adapted.

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