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Wenling High Pressure Cleaner ( Avoid The Problem)

Update:08 Sep 2018

How to Avoid the Problem of Low Pressure of the Pump of […]

How to Avoid the Problem of Low Pressure of the Pump of the High Pressure Cleaner.

Wenling high pressure cleaner can be divided into two types according to the difference of the outlet water temperature: hot water high pressure cleaner and cold water high pressure cleaner. We refer to the hot water high pressure cleaner means that the high pressure water jet is heated again (below 150 ° C) to effectively improve the cleaning function and capacity of the high pressure cleaner. The output of the high pressure cleaner can be three types of high-pressure cold water, high-pressure hot water, high-pressure steam, etc. At the same time, it can be controlled by a high-pressure water gun, and it is very desirable to add various cleaning agents and rust inhibitors according to the ratio. One of the physical cleaning equipment.

In the specific cleaning process, the medium water enters the water tank through the float ball valve, is softened by the water softener in the tank, and then is pressurized by the high pressure pump, enters the water heater, is heated according to the cleaning requirement, and then is transported through the high pressure pipeline. Go to the high pressure spray gun and finally spray high pressure water jets of different shapes through the high pressure nozzle. In addition, we can control the amount of additive added by high pressure water gun. When the jet needs to be heated, the fuel pump only needs to pressurize the light diesel oil in the fuel tank, and is controlled by a solenoid valve to be sent to a cyclone fuel injector equipped with an air volume adjustment and an automatic ignition device to spray the atomized oil from the fuel injection nozzle. Injected by the ignition pole, the fuel is mixed with the gas at the secondary air inlet, and the inner heating and heating of the water heater can be easily realized.

There are some problems in the pumping pressure of the high pressure cleaner. The first, the impeller wear is getting bigger and bigger, the gap between the impeller and the pump casing is larger, and secondly, there are things like small stones in the impeller seam. There is also a thick scale on the impeller, and there is a lot of reasons for not reducing the motor power, bearing damage, etc. Generally, the motor pump is completely disassembled and overhauled, the wear is heavy, the bad, the change, The refueling of the refueling will generally achieve the original effect.

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