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Wenling Electric Bicycle Motor Use Precautions

Update:08 Sep 2018

1. In the state of human foot riding, the Electric Bicy […]

1. In the state of human foot riding, the Electric Bicycle Motor can generate electricity to work, so the power should be turned off in the busy traffic section of the city.

2. Wenling Hub Motor should pay attention to three points in daily use. First, it cannot enter the water. Second, it cannot be overloaded. Third, it cannot be super-wet. The electric water or super-wet of the electric bicycle motor will cause corrosion and short circuit of the internal metal parts; the overload may cause the magnetic steel to demagnetize, causing the electric bicycle motor to run weakly or idle for no reason; the over-temperature is overload and long-time high-current operation As a result, the hazard may also burn the insulation and demagnetize the hinged boron magnet.

3. Medium speed driving is the best way to protect electric bicycle motor and save electricity. According to electric bicycle motor characteristic curve, rated voltage is 36v, electric bicycle motor current is 3-4A. At this time, electric bicycle motor has the highest efficiency and can Less power to travel the maximum distance.

4. Each time you run a stage, first touch the temperature of the electric bicycle motor after getting off the car. The motor casing of the electric bicycle is overheated, indicating that the running current is too large (sometimes the quality problem of the electric bicycle motor).

5. During periods of no parking, park in a place where there is no rain or sand and dust, and prevent the electric bicycle motor from entering the water to avoid sand and dust.

6. Always check the surface of the electric bicycle motor. If there is dirt or water vapor, wipe it off with a rag at all times to keep the electric bicycle motor clean forever. Always check the electric bicycle motor lead-out line, and tie the loose lines firmly at any time to prevent scratches and abrasions to prevent accidents.

7. Pay attention to the sound of the brush motor. If an abnormality occurs, it means that there is a problem with the carbon brush or the reduction gear. Check it out at the store as soon as possible.

8. During operation, the pulsation of the electric bicycle motor is sensed by hand or body, and the pulse becomes large and slow, indicating that there is a problem with the electric bicycle motor or the controller circuit.

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