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Wenling Electric Bicycle Motor (More Inforamtion) II

Update:10 Sep 2018

Wenling Hub Motor connection method: 1. The judgment of […]

Wenling Hub Motor connection method:

1. The judgment of the phase angle of the brushless motor. The phase angle of the brushless motor is the abbreviation of the phase algebraic angle of the brushless motor, and refers to the angle at which the current direction of the coil inside the coil of the brushless motor changes in one energization period. Common phase algebra angles for brushless motors for electric vehicles are 120° and 60°.

2. Wiring method for brush motor. Brushed motors generally have two positive and negative leads. Generally speaking, the red line is the positive pole of the motor and the black line is the negative pole of the motor. If the positive and negative poles are exchanged, only the motor will be reversed, and the electric bicycle motor will not be damaged.

What should I do if the electric bicycle motor is flooded?

1. The electric bicycle motor is the core part of the electric vehicle. If it is damaged, it will cause the electric vehicle to be inoperable. Especially in rainy days, it is impossible to push the electric vehicle into the house, which will cause the electric bicycle motor to enter the water. If the electric bicycle motor is flooded, it may cause the motor to burn out under high temperature operation, causing a short circuit inside the motor.

2. In this case, you can put the electric car aside for a few hours. If the electric car can still operate normally, the electric bicycle motor is normal. In addition, you can also disassemble the electric motor and open the motor inside. The water can be removed, or it can be tested at the after-sales service department to let the professional clean the moisture inside the motor.

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