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Wenling Electric Bicycle Motor Heating Causes and Solutions

Update:09 Sep 2018

Electric Bicycle Motor often heat up, and the short dis […]

Electric Bicycle Motor often heat up, and the short distance is also hot. If it exceeds the normal temperature range, it must be repaired. There are three main reasons for the heat: electric bicycle motor internal fault, controller fault and brake system fault.

First, the internal fault of the electric bicycle motor. The internal failure of the electric bicycle motor causes the electric bicycle motor to heat up, which may be caused by the following reasons:

1. Due to the bearing, the bearing carries the rolling speed. Once the gap of the steel ball increases, it will cause the electric bicycle motor to sweep inside. The stator rubs the rotor, it is laborious to heat up, the friction force increases, and the temperature rises.

Solution: Replace high quality bearings.

2. Deformed by the stator. Some electric bicycle motor manufacturers reduce the cost, the stator steel is poor, easy to deform, it will deviate from the normal track when turned, the force is uneven, and the temperature rises.

Solution: Replace the steel stator.

3. Caused by the coil. Pure copper wire winding, not only saves electricity, but also has strong power, but the market has the electric bicycle motor copper-clad aluminum, aluminum-clad copper, which will cause the electric bicycle motor temperature to rise. The electric motor motor heating is also related to the thickness of the motor winding. The internal material of the coil is different. The power, electricity, and heat will be different. The thinner the wire, the greater the heat.

Solution: Replace the pure copper stator.

4. Caused by a magnet. Magnetic steel magnetic assembly makes it more efficient, powerful, powerful, safe driving, stable performance, but some magnetic steel is not up to standard, magnetic is weak, easy to lose magnetism, driving at high temperature, demagnetization is fast, the longer the time, the higher the temperature The higher the temperature, the faster the loss of magnetism, the lack of power and the weak power.

Solution: Replace the high quality magnetic steel sheet or replace the electric bicycle motor. Chinaninecontinent is a professional Hub Motor manufacturer.

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