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Wenlin High Pressure Washer (Brief Introduction)

Update:20 Jun 2018

High Pressure Washer are also known as high pressure wa […]

High Pressure Washer are also known as high pressure water washers. High pressure water jets are the simplest form of energy conversion and application. Usually, the power-driven pump completes a suction and discharge process on the water, and a certain amount of water is pumped to the high pressure pipeline so that it reaches the nozzle with a certain amount of energy.

The nozzle's aperture requirements are much smaller than the diameter of the high pressure line, so this amount of water reaching the nozzle must be accelerated in order to exit the nozzle hole. In this way, the accelerated condensation of water through the nozzle holes creates a jet. Jets hitting the target (workpiece) surface are called jet operations. When the impact force of water is greater than the adhesion between the dirt and the surface of the object, the high-pressure water jet will peel off the dirt, wash away, and reach a cleaning device for cleaning the surface of the object. Because high pressure washers use high-pressure water column to clean the dirt, the high pressure washer is also one of the world's most recognized scientific, economic, and environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

High pressure washers can be divided into cold water high pressure washers, hot water high pressure washers, motor driven high pressure washers, gasoline engine driven high pressure washers, diesel engine driven high pressure washers etc.

High pressure washers can be divided into motor-driven high pressure washers, gasoline engine-driven high pressure washers, and diesel engine-driven high pressure washers according to the type of drive. Motor-driven high pressure washers require electricity, and their mobility is not very good. Therefore, some users with specific working environments recommend choosing a gasoline engine high pressure washer or a diesel engine high pressure washer.

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