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Unstable Solution During Use of the High Pressure Washer

Update:12 Jul 2018

No pressure or pressure instability during use of the h […]

No pressure or pressure instability during use of the high pressure washer:

The high pressure washer is unstable or sometimes unavailable after starting.

1. Air is sucked into the high pressure water pump or the water inlet pipe. At this time, we only need to pull the high pressure water gun trigger to lower the working pressure of the high pressure washer and run it for a while until a stable pressure is produced.

2. Insufficient supply of water. At this time, check whether the pressure of the water source is sufficient. Some high pressure washers do not have self-priming function. There is no pressure or pressure instability during the use of the high pressure washer. Add a booster pump at this time solve the problem.

3. The water supply filter is clogged, as long as the water supply filter is cleaned.

High pressure washers do not reach the rated pressure of the equipment.

When the high pressure washer operates, there is a certain working pressure that cannot reach the rated pressure of the equipment, but the pressure can only stay within a certain range and cannot rise. In this case, first check whether the aperture of the high pressure nozzle matches, if not Match the replacement of high pressure nozzles. Second, check whether the pressure regulator is adjusted to the correct position. If the pressure is still unsuccessful in both cases, check whether the seal assembly in the high pressure pump is intact and whether the piston is damaged. If the piston is damaged, it needs to be repaired.

High pressure washers reduce pressure after a certain period of normal operation.

1. Check if the high-pressure nozzle is seriously worn. If the wear is serious, replace the high pressure nozzle. The high-pressure nozzles of the small pressure equipment basically do not suffer from wear, because our high-pressure nozzles are basically heat-treated, but high-pressure nozzles for large-pressure equipment are difficult to guarantee.

2. Check if the inlet filter is clogged. If the inlet filter is clogged, remove the filter and wash it with clean water. If an unclean source of water causes the filter to become clogged, increase the external filter or replace the clean water source.

3. Check the internal pressure seals, relief valves, and high pressure water pump internal seal assemblies.

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