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Three High Pressure Cleaners Can Not Ignore the Performance of the Link

Update:08 Nov 2018

The first link: Science is the basis for choosing the p […]

The first link: Science is the basis for choosing the products that suit your needs. Whether we are a business or an individual, when purchasing a High Pressure Cleaner , we must choose the equipment that best suits our needs according to our financial budget. We must not blindly pursue high standards, nor can we blindly seek cheaper prices. Put the need that suits you first. First investigate and understand the various types of cleaning equipment on the market and compare them. Only by scientifically purchasing the products that are most suitable for your own use is the basis for maintaining good performance.

The second link: correct operation and use to prevent failures, maintain good performance for a long time, and play the biggest role of the equipment. As we all know, the high pressure pump has two parameters of maximum pressure and rated pressure. When operating, we should normally operate at rated pressure. It is not recommended to operate at maximum pressure. Do not exceed 30 minutes even if you need to operate at maximum pressure temporarily. This is advantageous in maintaining good performance of the high pressure cleaner. To operate according to the operating procedures and precautions listed in the product manual, do not violate the specified order, and monitor the data displayed on the instrument at any time during operation, such as pressure gauges, oil gauges, etc., to maintain the specified parameter range. Running inside.

The third link: careful maintenance is the guarantee to maintain good performance and longevity. Maintenance is divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance. The contents of daily maintenance are: check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient before starting the machine. Check whether the connected parts are tightly connected. Check whether the filter is clean. After the high pressure cleaner task is completed, drain the residual water in the machine, wipe the machine clean, store the inlet and outlet pipes, and place the device in a dry and ventilated place. Regular maintenance, regular oil change, usually after 200 hours of operation, replace the new oil to prevent the old oil lubrication effect and wear the machine. Regularly check the seal for aging and replace the new seal in time to maintain a good seal.

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