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The Significance of High Pressure Washer in Stone Processing

Update:05 Sep 2018

High pressure washer can not only remove the dirt on th […]

High pressure washer can not only remove the dirt on the surface of various materials, but also can play an important role in the processing of materials. For example, its performance in stone processing is unmatched by other equipment. What can the high pressure washer do in stone processing?

The high pressure abrasive water jet cutting technology can be realized by using a high pressure washer, and by virtue of this technology, the cutting action of the stone workpiece can be formed. It can not only micro-work the workpiece surface through abrasives, but also generate a solid abrasive. Erosion; The workpiece is even sheared by abrasive jets of high pressure water.

Automatic Pressure Washer play a very good role in the stone's spelling process, because this is a technique that can be completed by a variety of graphics, especially in the processing of some fine curves, if we use a traditional wire saw, Band saws and manual work are difficult to accomplish smoothly. Even if they are processed, they will not be ideal. For example, the fit between curves is not enough.

In this case, you can use a high pressure washer to process stone shaped parts, then the above problems will be solved. Generally speaking, the stone mosaic or special-shaped pattern is made by the AUTOCAD software, the scanner enters the computer, through the computer After being arranged, it is delivered to the high pressure washer for specific cutting work of the high-pressure abrasive water jet.

In the specific process, we can according to the main technical parameters of the High Pressure Washer, different designs correspond to different parameters, thus the specific processing of the stone, and make the processing effect is satisfactory.

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