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The selection and purchase method of car washing machine

Update:06 Mar 2018

The car washing machine has to be reliable The environm […]

The car washing machine has to be reliable
The environment of the car washer is very humid and complex, so its stability and reliability are very important. A good car washer can get better life time in this complex environment and reduce the occurrence of failure.
Working efficiency of car washing machine
The working efficiency of the car washing machine directly affects the merchant's income. Therefore, when buying a car washing machine, we need to pay attention to its equipment control degree, technical level, switch control and program control.
After-sale service and maintenance of car washing machine
Good car washing machine also needs good maintenance and after-sales service can be good maintenance equipment. Therefore, the after-sales service team and strength of the enterprise is also an important factor affecting the use of car washer and the operation of the shop, and it will also affect the life time of the car washing machine.

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