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The role of high pressure cleaner in cleaning the pipe

Update:03 Jan 2018

High pressure cleaning of pipeline, sewage pipeline cle […]

High pressure cleaning of pipeline, sewage pipeline cleaning, high pressure water jet, rainwater pipeline cleaning, water pipeline cleaning, industrial pipeline cleaning, heating pipeline cleaning and maintenance, catering industry pipeline cleaning, building pipeline cleaning, flue cleaning, and other physical cleaning, chemical Cleaning. Ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning technology is a water-medium, through a special adjustable turbocharger system to produce water multi-beam, multi-angle, different intensity ultra-high pressure water jet. This water jet has high impact and exploitability to remove fouling, metal oxides and other deposits from the pipe wall. This supersonic water-like bullets fired, the maximum can produce 70MPA (700kg) pressure, foreign call it a water bomb. For professional dredge, cleaning a variety of caliber, a variety of materials, the pipeline, the effect is very satisfactory. In practice, the pressure of the water outlet can be adjusted according to the type of pipe material, the diameter of the pipe and the blockage of the pipe, so as to achieve the best cleaning effect without damaging the pipe and maximizing the cleanness of the pipe. The cleaning equipment can be fouling and attachments and clogging thoroughly cut, crush, squeeze, wash to achieve the purpose of complete cleaning. Whether rust, scale, resins, chemical residues, paints or epoxies, the use of water descaling systems can solve these problems and remove the dirt completely, leaving a clean, smooth surface. It is much faster than manual washing. No chemicals, solvents or etchants are required (nor do they require the simultaneous use of costly safety and handling measures) to make them cleaner and greener. Its excellent performance and good cleaning effect by the majority of customers.
High-pressure water jet cleaning technology: High-pressure water jet cleaning is the use of pressurized water pressurized by the device jet nozzle formation, by high-speed flow cutting crusher pipe fouling and high pressure water out of the discharge pipe, into the sewage wells , So that the pipeline fouling debris thoroughly washed.

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