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The Performance of the High Pressure Washer

Update:05 Sep 2018

High Pressure Pump Determines the Performance of the Hi […]

High Pressure Pump Determines the Performance of the High Pressure Washer. There are many types of high pressure washer brands on the market today, but their construction is similar, and they are composed of several important components: high pressure pumps, power drives, high-pressure spray guns, water inlet pipes, water outlet pipes, and other accessories. Which determines the performance and quality of the high pressure washer is the most important parts of the high pressure pump, which is the heart of all types of high pressure washers, so when choosing a high pressure washer, pay special attention to the pump's technical parameters and performance quality.

Let's take a few examples of high pressure pumps and see what they have. In the first example, a diaphragm pump, also called a control pump, is the main type of actuator. By receiving the control signal from the control device, the fluid flow is changed by the drive power operation. Diaphragm pumps generally consist of actuators and valves. Compressed air is used as the power source. For all kinds of corrosive liquids, liquids with small particles, liquids with high viscosity, easy to evaporate, flammable, explosive and poisonous can all be pumped out. It is used in high-pressure cleaning equipment, this pump also has a high pressure output, high-pressure water jet can efficiently clean a variety of objects.

In the second example, an axial high pressure pump, an axial pump, uses a plunger that is parallel to the drive shaft to move back and forth within the plunger bore, and the resulting volume changes to operate. Because the plunger and the plunger hole of the pump are all circular parts, high precision can be achieved during manufacture, so the volumetric efficiency of the high pressure pump is very high, the operation is very smooth, the flow rate is very even, and the noise generated is very low. High work pressure. Although this type of pump is more sensitive to the contamination of hydraulic oil, the structure is more complex, and the cost is relatively high, but its performance is very good. It is a priority choice for manufacturing Gasoline Pressure Washer. How does its performance determine the quality of high pressure washers good or bad.

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