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The Importance of DC Electric Bicycle Motor Immersion Treatment

Update:01 Nov 2018

Nowadays, electric vehicles have their own motors. Ther […]

Nowadays, electric vehicles have their own motors. There are also many kinds of them. The common ones are DC types, which can supply power quickly. However, in order to ensure the final effect, we need to immerse the inside, which is also to ensure Safety.

1. After rewinding, especially after rewinding the low-voltage DC Electric Bicycle Motor, the winding is a loose body composed of various insulating parts, such as slot wedge, slot insulation, various pad pads, end pads, and coils themselves. The wire loops and the like are loose. If the DC electric bicycle motor is improperly immersed, the electric bicycle motor will quickly wear and tear under the action of electromagnetic stress and electromagnetic vibration and mechanical stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction loose.

2. Before the rewinding coil is unimpregnated, there are micropores inside the various insulating materials in the insulating structure, and there are also air gaps between the groups and the insulating members. These micropores and air gaps are filled with air, and the air is bad. The heat conductor affects the heat dissipation of the DC electric bicycle motor.

3. It is usually operated in an environment with moisture, alkali, salt and other harmful gases, which accelerates the deterioration of insulation performance and even causes insulation breakdown. After the immersion treatment of the DC electric bicycle motor winding, the degree of erosion of the external environment can be slowed down.

4. The breakdown strength of air is much lower than that of DC electric bicycle motor. Because of the small relative dielectric constant of air gap, the electric field strength is the highest. When the DC electric bicycle motor is insulated and immersed, the insulating paint is used instead of air. The space improves the dielectric constant of the electric bicycle motor and the ability to withstand the electric field strength.

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