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The Classification of Chinaninecontinent High Pressure Washer

Update:16 Jul 2018

Chinaninecontinent high pressure washer is used to make […]

Chinaninecontinent high pressure washer is used to make high-pressure plunger pump produce high-pressure water through power device to flush the surface of the object. The impact force of water is greater than the adhesion between the dirt and the surface of the object. High-pressure water will peel off the dirt and wash it away to reach the surface of the cleaning object. Cleaning equipment.

According to the water temperature, the wenling high pressure washer is divided into two categories: cold water high pressure washer and hot water high pressure washer. The two biggest differences are that a heating device is added to the hot water washing machine, and the water is generally heated by the combustion cylinder. The use of hot water washing can quickly flush a large amount of dirt and oil that cannot be easily washed by cold water, so that the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved. However, because of the high price of hot water washing machines and the high operating costs (due to the use of diesel oil), most users will still choose ordinary cold water high pressure washers.

According to the driving engine, high pressure washers are divided into three categories: motor-driven high pressure washers, gasoline engine driven high pressure washers, and diesel-driven washers. As the name suggests, these three types of washing machines are equipped with high-pressure pumps. The difference is that they are connected to motors, gasoline engines, or diesel engines, respectively, thereby driving the operation of high-pressure pumps. The advantage of gasoline-powered high pressure washers and diesel-driven washers is that they can operate in the field without the need for a power supply.

According to purpose, it can be divided into three categories: household, commercial and industrial. Household high pressure washers generally have lower pressures, flow rates, and lifespans. They are lightweight, mobile, and simple to operate. Second, commercial high pressure washers have higher requirements for parameters, frequent use times, and long use times, so they generally have a longer life. Third, industrial high pressure washers, in addition to the general requirements, often have some special requirements. Water cutting is a good example.

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