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The Cause of Electric Bicycle Motor Burnout

Update:11 Sep 2018

Many people will find that when the equipment is runnin […]

Many people will find that when the equipment is running, the electric bicycle motor overheats and eventually causes damage, but the degree of heat is different. This situation is very common in summer or high temperature environment, which is generally related to many factors. We need to check and confirm carefully.

Electric Bicycle Motor burned out reason:

1. Missing phase. Electric bicycle motor manufacturers introduce this is a killer of the motor, the quality of the electric bicycle motor is broken in at least ten minutes. What is terrible is the lack of phase of the entire power supply system. In addition, many of the equipment's switches are self-locking or automatically opened (such as pumps and fans). After a power failure, the power is lost. It may burn more than a dozen motors.

2. Electric bicycle motor burned out due to moisture. The reduction in insulation due to water ingress or moisture is also a common cause of damage, but there is no way to protect it. Use only the attention and periodic shake insulation. Drying and re-dipping can be solved before it bursts. In particular, the motor driven by the inverter should be careful with this item, otherwise the inverter may be reimbursed.

3. Overload: If the protection function is normal (adding a suitable thermal relay), it will not happen. However, it should be noted that because the thermal relay can not be verified, and the protection value is not very accurate, the selection is not suitable, etc., and the artificial setting is automatically reset, so when protection is needed, it often does not work, and may also After multiple protections.

Electric bicycle motor manufacturer introduction In order to avoid this problem, when unloading the bearing, it is generally necessary to heat the bearing to 80 ° C to 100 ° C, such as bearing heater, transformer oil cooking, etc., in order to ensure the assembly quality of the bearing. Before installing the bearing, it must be carefully and carefully cleaned. No impurities should be left in the bearing cavity. It must be cleaned when filling the grease.

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