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Steam car wash have been used for thousands of trials

Update:25 May 2018

The second-generation steam car washer is an "instantan […]

The second-generation steam car washer is an "instantaneous vaporization" technology: under the action of a small water pump, trace water flows through the heating pipe, absorbs heat during gasification, turns into steam, and separates the car surface and stains from the environment. And type of car wash. The “instantaneous vaporization” technology is led by five professors of the College of Power of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

Numerous postgraduate students have been used for thousands of trials. They were first used in medical “cold knife”, which is to perform surgery on tumor patients and use low-temperature refrigerant to inject to patients' lesions. The dose requirements are very accurate and the refrigerant is too much. It will damage good organs. If it is too small, the tumor cannot be completely removed.
In urban planning in some developed countries in Europe, some 24-hour convenience service sites will be built for community self-help shopping, self-service car washing machines, self-charging of portable devices, and self-service recycling of garbage as they are invested by community governments. Therefore, not for the purpose of profit, the price of goods is very low, and the equipment used by Shenzhen City Green Station Technology is a device for energy saving, environmental protection and self-service coin-operated systems. There are many such urban green stations in Europe.
At present, only Taiwan, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou have similar urban green stations in China, but all of them are investment-based. The services provided are mainly self-service car washing machines and self-service shopping machines.

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