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Solution to Cavitation Problems in High Pressure Pump

Update:07 Sep 2018

Wenling high pressure pump is an important component of […]

Wenling high pressure pump is an important component of the high-pressure cleaning pump. In the practice of cleaning, it is necessary to deal with its cavitation problem, and then adhere to the outstanding functions of the high-pressure cleaning pump and the cleaning machine. Let's first understand the onset of cavitation. The pressure of the liquid fluid at the pump inlet, if it is lower than the water temperature, some of the liquid may vaporize and transpire. When these transpirational bubbles enter a higher pressure range, a sudden agglomeration will occur, which will form a near-liquid approach to the rapid activity to compensate for the impact on the components inside the pump. This is what we call cavitation problems. . When this condition is repeated, the inner wall of the pump gradually becomes fatigued and damaged, and is then etched into a honeycomb-shaped irregular small hole. The cavitation phenomenon is extremely unstable, which results in unstable operation of the high-pressure pump, and then the instability and decline of the operation function of the high-pressure cleaning pump are formed. It can be seen that it is necessary to deal with the cavitation problem and to adhere to the outstanding working functions of the pump and high-pressure cleaning equipment.

We can adopt the two methods of avoiding and dealing with the situation in advance to deal with the cavitation problem of the high pressure pump:

In the first aspect, in the development and planning, we must fully consider this problem. First, when planning the structure of the structure, the blades of the impeller should be extended as far as possible to the side to be inhaled, and in the selection of raw materials, High quality data for cavitation resistance. The second is to select the double suction impeller, increase the impeller inlet area, increase the blade width, and increase the curvature radius of the turning. In the planning and production stage of the high pressure pump, the avoidance method is adopted consciously, and the foundation for avoiding the occurrence of cavitation is established.

In the second aspect, the cavitation avoidance method is adopted in the operation and application. The height of the device capable of lowering the high pressure pump; the use of a thick and straight suction pipe; no long-term high-flow cleaning operation; when the pump presents a cavitation problem, the flow rate should be reduced or decreased; the water absorption height should be correctly selected; Adhesive epoxy coating.

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