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Routine Maintenance of High Pressure Pumps

Update:24 Jul 2018

The high pressure pump is composed of high-pressure dev […]

The high pressure pump is composed of high-pressure devices. It is widely used in the construction of buildings and in the construction and construction of various engineering and infrastructure. It is of great significance for the construction of highway bridges. It is also very necessary for its daily maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the high pressure pump during operation.

The high pressure pump should pay attention to the replacement of the butter during the process of use. This is a very important means for the high pressure pump. It must be replaced with new butter when it is used for the first three hundred hours, and then it will be used for five hundred times in each use. You need to change the butter in hours.

Regular inspection of the wear and tear of each component is necessary for the maintenance and maintenance of any machine. Regularly check the wear-resistant area of the high pressure pump and pay attention to the replacement of the parts. And maintenance, so that it can be used for a long time.

Since the high pressure pump is something that passes through the medium, it is necessary to pay attention to the rusting of various parts. The bottom valve of the high pressure pump needs to be critically maintained, and the water storage condition of each pipe is reasonably treated to prevent it in winter. Due to the rupture of the pipe caused by icing, it is also possible to avoid the rusting problem of the external nuts.

It is also very important to check the sealing condition of the pump. The sealing of the pump is checked regularly to ensure its normal operation. The whole pump is a kind of system. All-round maintenance and maintenance is very necessary. Only regular. Carrying out various maintenance can extend the service life of the high pressure pump and achieve long-term use. click here for more details.

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