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Repair and Maintenance of High Pressure Pump

Update:08 Aug 2018

The high pressure pump is a high-pressure power supply […]

The high pressure pump is a high-pressure power supply equipment for high-pressure rotary jet cement slurry. It is used for reinforcement of foundations such as construction and roads. It can also be used for high-pressure water jets to assist in rock breaking, underground hydraulic props, and anchors. The rod pump pumps high-pressure water, and the large underground pipeline clears dredging and cleaning.

Repair and maintenance of high pressure pump:

1. The pump does not absorb or drain. Most of the problems caused by the bottom valve are stuck, the drainage water is somewhat fouled, the water absorption height is too high, or the suction pipe leaks. It should be reviewed one by one, and should be treated by repairing the bottom valve, removing the fouling material, correcting the steering, etc.

2. The pipe is leaking or leaking. Mostly because the nut is not tightened. If the leakage is not severe, you can apply cement slurry, wet mud or soft pancake at the leak; if the joint leaks, use a wrench to tighten the nut. When water leaks or leaks, it must be removed from the head.

3. The pump was violent. It may be that the electric rotor is unbalanced or the coupling is not properly connected. Sometimes the bearing wears, twists and turns, the rolling parts are loose, broken, and the pipe bracket is not strong, it will also cause a sensation. It should be adjusted, hardened, viewed or replaced.

4. The impeller is broken. When the damage is not large, it can be repaired. When the damage is severe, the cemented carbide should be replaced or plated. If it is completely damaged, the impeller should be removed and sent to the repair shop for repair.

5. The pump shaft is tortuous. Mostly due to the impact load, the belt is too tight, the device is not correct. If the bending is not severe, the manual screw can be used for correction, but the force is not too strong to prevent complete breakage.

After each application of the high pressure pump, use the clean water to wash the residual liquid in the hose and the nozzle, do the cleaning operation of the machine casing, and store the power line in a fixed place. If damage or pressure is found, it should be marked with “to be repaired” and promptly reported to the repair before use.

The maintenance worker is responsible for the maintenance of the high-pressure pump. Check the operation status of the high pressure pump once a day and make a record. If it is found that the cup is damaged, aging leads to air leakage, and the pressure does not go up, it should be exchanged in time.

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