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Reasons for Choosing Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner

Update:31 Jul 2018

Hot water high pressure cleaners are mainly used in pla […]

Hot water high pressure cleaners are mainly used in places where it is difficult to clean, especially oily objects.The use of a hot water high pressure cleaner can quickly flush a large amount of dirt and oil stains that are not easily washed by cold water, and the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved. However, because hot water high pressure cleaners are expensive and operate at high cost (because diesel is used), most users may choose ordinary cold water high pressure cleaners; of course, in order to improve cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, there are still many professional customers choose a hot water pressure cleaner.

Hot water high pressure cleaner features:

1. It is an all-stainless steel electric heating body, equipped with a window level tube, which is sturdy and durable, easy to observe and operate.

2. It is equipped with high-precision crankshaft high-temperature piston pump. The valve and seal are heat-proof design. When entering high-temperature hot water, it can ensure the normal operation of the pump head of high pressure pump.

3. It can guarantee fast and long-term supply of circulating high-pressure hot water, ensuring the time and quality requirements for cleaning oily objects; equipped with low-level automatic alarm and water-breaking protection function to ensure the safe operation of high pressure cleaner; adopting integral closed structure, waterproof The moisture resistance is very good.

4. It is equipped with an intelligent temperature controller to precisely control the water temperature, which is very effective for improving various types of oil stains.

Therefore, although the cold water supply of the cold water high pressure cleaner is available everywhere, the supply is sufficient, the cost is low, and its versatility makes the application of the cold water high pressure cleaner very wide, but the hot water high pressure cleaner is required for specific occasions. Click for more details.

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