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Problems to Be Aware of When Cleaning High Pressure Cleaner

Update:02 Aug 2018

Problems to Be Aware of When Cleaning Pipes with High P […]

Problems to Be Aware of When Cleaning Pipes with High Pressure Cleaner: The cleaning of pipelines generally uses high pressure cleaners, which are widely used due to the high pressure of the high pressure cleaners and the strong and powerful water that can be sprayed to wash away the dirt that adheres to the pipeline. When using a high pressure cleaner, pay attention to a lot of things. Here are some issues to pay attention to.

1. Take protective measures and wear goggles, gloves and masks when cleaning.

2. Do not let hands and feet touch the cleaning nozzle.

3. Always check all electrical connections of the high pressure washer.

4. Always check for all liquids needed.

5. Always check the connection hose for cracks or leaks.

6. When you do not need to use the gun, set the trigger to a safety lock.

7. Work with minimum pressure as much as possible, but this pressure must be sufficient to complete the job.

8. Always disconnect the pressure from the washing machine before disconnecting the hose.

9. Always drain the hose after each use.

10. Never aim the spray gun at yourself or anyone else.

11. Never start the device until all hose connections have been locked in place.

12. Never turn on the equipment until you turn on the supply water and let the proper water flow through the gun bar. Then connect the required cleaning nozzle to the gun lance.

Note: Do not leave the high pressure cleaner unattended during operation. Each time you release the trigger the pump will operate in bypass mode. If a pump has been operating in the bypass mode for a long time, the excessive temperature of the circulating water in the pump will shorten the life of the pump or even damage the pump. Therefore, avoid long-term operation of the device in bypass mode.

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