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Problems Existing in the Current Stage of High Pressure Cleaner

Update:30 Jul 2018

High pressure cleaners have been gradually applied in v […]

High pressure cleaners have been gradually applied in various industries in the country. They have made great progress in recent years and have been gradually applied to many companies. The industrialization pattern has taken shape. Through the comparison of domestic and foreign high-pressure water cleaning markets and the products of major companies at home and abroad, the overall design and assembly of high pressure products above 100MPa in China have become a reality, but major components such as pump units also need to be imported. The water jet cleaning technology is still in its development stage. It is still not mature enough and has the following problems.

1. The overall configuration is not perfect.

Many types of components provided by high pressure cleaner manufacturers are incomplete and the quantity is insufficient. Users cannot select different gun accessories according to their needs, which cannot meet the needs of users for various purposes.

2. System parameters lack optimal design.

In order to obtain maximum impact and cleaning efficiency, the system is required to work under rated pressure, rated flow, rated power, or rated state. However, in practice, due to improper use of high-pressure hose specifications, the nozzles, nozzles, aperture and hole direction are inconsistent with the main parameters, the cleaning of fouling objects and the washing machine main parameters do not match, and so on, resulting in the entire machine often in comparison Working under low power wastes overall performance.

3. High pressure pump quality problems.

The high pressure pump as the generating device of the high pressure water jet is the core of the operation of the high pressure cleaner. Therefore, the quality of the high-pressure pump is directly related to the excellent performance of the whole machine. In practice, problems such as poor wear resistance of moving parts and abnormal damage of high-pressure hoses often occur in high-pressure pumps, which can adversely affect the overall work efficiency.

4. Spray gun problem.

Spray gun performance, life, lack of types and other issues, affect the working efficiency of the high pressure cleaner.

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