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Precautions When Using Wenling High Pressure Pump

Update:28 Jul 2018

What Should Be Paid Attention to When Using High Pressu […]

What Should Be Paid Attention to When Using High Pressure Pump for Painting Conditions: In order to ensure that the high pressure pump equipment can maintain and play its role and value as it is in use, we also need to carry out some painting treatment in the production process. So, when you are painting the high pressure pump, do you know that you need to pay attention to those problems?

First of all, before you officially start painting, you need to prepare accordingly. That is to say, before the high pressure pump is painted, it is necessary to clean all the dust and oil on the surface of the high pressure pump. It is important to note that the surface is cleaned before painting. In this part of the cleaning process, it can be divided into three parts, namely oil pollution, derusting and phosphating.

Among them, phosphating is a very important task in these three parts, and this work is also the focus of the manufacturing and production links. However, to ensure a good phosphating effect, there are prerequisites, that is, must first completely remove oil and rust. That is to say, in order to ensure a good coating effect, in order to make a high-quality phosphating film on the surface of the high pressure pump during the coating process, it can be effective only on the surface of the workpiece where the debris is completely removed. form.

Therefore, we must fully understand this problem, and we must do a good job of cleaning the surface according to the requirements. Be sure to pay attention to these problems when you are working. In addition, the injection angle of the high pressure pump should be adjusted appropriately so that it can exert a good cleaning effect.

Of course, it must be noted that after the cleaning of the high pressure pump is completed, some appropriate measures must be taken for drying, in order to prevent corrosion of certain parts of the equipment during long-term use. Therefore, drying treatment is beneficial to maintain good performance of the high pressure pump. Click for further information.

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