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How to Reduce the Accident Rate of High Pressure Washer

Update:14 Jul 2018

The high-pressure water jet technology used in high pre […]

The high-pressure water jet technology used in high pressure washer has features such as versatility, high accuracy, and high cleaning efficiency. Wenling Chinaninecontinent High pressure washers are a good choice for industrial cleaning and concrete brushing. They have lower cleaning costs, faster speeds, and cleaner rates than other processes. High, do not pollute the environment, do not damage the object to be cleaned and other advantages. High-pressure water jets are safer cleaning methods for the objects to be cleaned, but they are also dangerous for operators if they do not follow the correct operating specifications.

Chinaninecontinent High pressure washers are mechanical equipment. The operation of the machine will be worn out and damaged, even an accident. The influencing factors can usually be attributed to the following aspects:

1, equipment abuse;

2, unable to complete the risk assessment;

3, lack of professional training and practical experience.

How to reduce the accident rate of the high pressure washer and reduce the damage? Mainly consider from the following aspects:

1. Buy a reputable quality and a more secure high pressure washer. The excellent product quality can provide users with safer protection. If the purchased high pressure washer always has such a problem, the operator has more danger in using the device.

2. Operators should conduct strict safety awareness training before using the equipment and master safety procedures.

3. To inspect and maintain the equipment regularly, and to eliminate all safety hazards in a timely manner is also an integral part of high-pressure cleaning operations.

4. Damaged high-pressure hoses cannot be used anymore, and high-pressure hoses that have problems can not be repaired, and new hoses need to be purchased. Before using the high pressure washer, check whether the high-pressure hose can work properly. The hose should be placed in a place where there are few people and it is relatively safe. Do not pull the hose on the uneven ground to avoid damage.

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