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How to Prevent the Burning of Electric Bicycle Motor

Update:31 Oct 2018

Electric Bicycle Motor is often encountered due to mech […]

Electric Bicycle Motor is often encountered due to mechanical problems, thermal problems, and problems of lack of phase and burnout. However, sometimes problems have been detected and there are no problems. This requires a comprehensive inspection. To avoid burning, we must do a good job of prevention.

Prevent electric bike motor burning:

1. Work at rated load. The electric bicycle motor overload operation, the main reason is that the drag load is too large, the voltage is too low, or the mechanical jam is driven. When the electric bicycle motor is in an overload state, the speed of the electric bicycle motor decreases, the current increases, the temperature rises, and the winding coil is overheated. If it is overloaded for a long time, the electric bicycle motor will burn out due to the insulation aging failure at high temperature, which is the main reason for the electric bicycle motor burning.

2. The three-phase current must be balanced. For a three-phase asynchronous electric bicycle motor, the difference between the current of any one of the three-phase currents and the average of the other two-phase currents is not allowed to exceed 10%, so as to ensure the safe and normal operation of the electric bicycle motor.

If the single-phase current value and the other two-phase current average exceed the specified limit, it indicates that the electric bicycle motor has a fault, and the cause must be ascertained, and the operation can be continued after the fault is eliminated, otherwise an accident of burning the electric bicycle motor may occur.

3. Maintain normal temperature. Always check the temperature of the bearings, stators, casings, etc. of the electric bicycle motor for abnormalities, especially for voltage-free, current and frequency monitoring facilities and electric bicycle motors without overload protection facilities.

After the protective relay is applied, the cause should be checked and properly handled, and blind removal is prohibited. When the faulty traction electric bicycle motor is removed, the diesel engine speed should be appropriately reduced to avoid overloading other traction electric bicycle motors.

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