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How to Do the Immersion Work on the Electric Bicycle Motor

Update:26 Oct 2018

The Electric Bicycle Motor mainly uses a coiled coil to […]

The Electric Bicycle Motor mainly uses a coiled coil to generate a rotating magnetic field, and then acts on the rotor, such as a squirrel-cage closed aluminum frame to form a magneto-electric rotating torque, thereby causing the electric bicycle to generate a forward force, and in order to ensure leakage, it is usually immersed in paint. The process is relatively simple.

Dipping paint for electric bicycle motors:

1. The electric motor manufacturer introduces the electric bicycle motor to pre-bake 105~110°C for 4-6 hours before dipping. Pre-baking must be thorough. If the moisture is not exhausted, it cannot be discharged after immersion. It is possible to use the immersion method to fully immerse the electric bicycle motor in the direction of the vertical direction of the wire slot. It needs to be immersed for 10 to 15 minutes until no bubbles appear.

2. Multiple casting method can be used: the electric bicycle motor is turned upside down (the wire trough is in the upright direction), and a paint tray is placed underneath, and the paint is poured from the top end until the lower end is completely saturated, and then turned over and poured by the above method. The immersion paint is dripped in the air and the inner cavity of the core is wiped clean.

3. The electric bicycle motor is gradually heated and dried, and the drying temperature is pre-baked the same. Dry in multiple times with the same method, and dry for at least 6 h each time. The last drying should be stable at the same temperature (105-110 °C), the insulation resistance is stable (greater than or equal to 0.5MΩ) and stable for 3-5h.

4. The wire-wound electric bicycle motor rotor is also dipped with the above method after replacing the coil. The electric bicycle motor is commonly used to dip the lacquer grade 1032 melamine alkyd paint. Do not use unbranded or gas-based varnish.

The introduction of electric bicycle motor manufacturers is worth noting that impregnation and drying are a special key part of the motor production process. The viscosity, fluidity, solid content, dryness and adhesion of the impregnating paint directly affect the final performance of the motor.

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