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How to Choose High Pressure Pipe for High Pressure Cleaner

Update:27 Jul 2018

High-pressure hoses used in high pressure cleaners can […]

High-pressure hoses used in high pressure cleaners can be used for a relatively long period of time, saving and reducing costs if used and maintained properly. So what are the problems that should be paid attention to when using high pressure cleaners? How should the high pressure rubber line of the high pressure cleaner be used correctly?

First, the selected high-pressure hose, its inner diameter must match the diameter required by the high pressure pump. If the inner diameter of the selected hose and the high pressure pump do not match, it will affect the normal use and will damage the high-pressure hose prematurely.

Secondly, when selecting the high-pressure pipe, it should be determined according to the technical parameters of the high pressure pump. According to the parameters of the high pressure pump, the hose with the matching pressure should be selected. Do not use the operating method that exceeds the actual pressure, even if it is exceeded. More, it will also affect the normal life of the high-pressure hose. When purchasing high-pressure hoses, you can choose products that withstand higher pressures. For example, the high pressure pump requires 1500bar, and you can purchase 1800bar hoses, leaving plenty of room for it, which makes it easier to extend its service life.

Third, use, maintain and maintain high-pressure hoses in strict accordance with relevant rules. When the high pressure cleaner is in operation, the hose cannot be twisted by hand. If it is necessary to bend due to construction needs, the bending radius should not be too small, and it should not be bent at a small angle. During the operation of the high pressure pump equipment, the high-pressure spray gun cannot be turned on and off repeatedly to minimize the impact damage caused by the frequent operation of sudden opening and sudden closing. When the ultra-high pressure hose is not used for a long period of time, the water inside is drained, and the hose is bent into a roll according to the specified size, and then placed horizontally. click for more details.

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