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How to Choose Cleaning Agents for High Pressure Washer

Update:04 Sep 2018

How to Choose Cleaning Agents for High Pressure Washer […]

How to Choose Cleaning Agents for High Pressure Washer and Precautions for Use. The cleaning effect of high pressure washers depends largely on the choice of detergents, and the selection requirements of cleaners for high pressure washers are also relatively high. How to choose the right detergent?

Cleanrooms have strict humidity requirements. Wet washing should be avoided. Neutral detergents can be used when necessary, and as few as possible acidic or alkaline cleaners are used. Cleaners eliminate static electricity. Tip: The special attention should be paid to avoid dust and dust prevention during the cleaning of the plant.

Most of the ground materials are polyurethane paint, epoxy resin, artificial leather and terrazzo. In order to effectively prevent ground material dust generation and improve the service life of ground materials, we use anti-static accumulation of wax water to wax. Wax surface with ultra-filter dust industrial vacuum cleaner or washing machine to scrub the floor. For all kinds of soft grounds for disinfection and cleaning, thoroughly remove the oil, wax stains, rust stains, cement stains and other dirt remaining after the decoration on the ground, so that the dirty ground quickly becomes bright and bright.

General factory roof materials are mostly made of smooth surface materials such as color steel plates, plastic gussets, and aluminum sampan plates. We use dust-free rags with strong adsorption power to wipe the surface, and use telescopic poles, tiger clips, and other tools to make them easy to use. For unevenness, female corners can be vacuumed using an industrial vacuum cleaner.

What should I do when the high pressure washer cannot absorb the cleaning agent? The working principle of the detergent on the high pressure washer is: The high pressure washer can only absorb the detergent in the low pressure mode of the high pressure washer.

1. Please select low pressure mode on the Automatic Pressure Washer boom.

2. Clean the filter on the suction hose of the high pressure washer and turn the filter on the suction hose clockwise to adjust the flow rate of the cleaning agent.

3. The cleaning agent adjustment knob can be found on the high pressure washer and the adjustment knob can be opened. The high pressure washer can also use the knob to set the amount of loading.

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