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How to Choose a Good High Pressure Pump

Update:13 Nov 2018

Selection of High Pressure Pump : The selection of high […]

Selection of High Pressure Pump :

The selection of high pressure pumps must be selected according to the specific application. The high pressure pumps used in different occasions, different fields and different purposes are also different, such as:

1. The submersible pump for the well is selected according to its application, that is, the submersible pump with small flow and high lift for the pressure tank water supply;

2. The water supply for the water tower shall be determined according to the size and head of the water tower, and a medium-flow submersible electric pump may be selected;

3. For farmland irrigation, try to choose a submersible pump with a large flow rate under the preconditions of suitable lift.

Installation of high pressure pump:

Under normal circumstances, the user can install according to the specified procedures and requirements according to the instructions of the user manual. It should be noted that it is necessary to strictly install according to the regulations to prevent low lift and super-flow to overload the motor, resulting in the consequences of burning the motor. The installation depth is generally required to ensure that the distance from the bottom of the electric pump to the bottom of the well is not less than 3 meters. When the electric pump is installed, it is also necessary to ensure that all the inner cavity of the motor is filled with water.

Use of high pressure pump:

After the installation is complete, be sure not to turn it on immediately. What we need to do before this is to check the power supply, starting equipment, instruments, etc. that are used before the test is completed. After starting, check the voltage and current of the electric pump with the meter, and wait until everything is normal before you can put it into work.

In addition, before each shift, check the power supply voltage and insulation resistance. Check the working current and the running condition of the pump after starting the machine. If the problem is found, it should be solved in time. The opening and stopping of the submersible pump should not be too frequent. It cannot be started again after the shutdown. It must wait until the stored water in the tube has been returned before starting again. When the submersible pump fails, you should first check the peripheral equipment for any problems, such as the power supply is normal? Has the well water level dropped too much? There is no problem with the pump tube leaking. The pump can be pumped out of the well after the inspection is correct.

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