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High pressure pump to pay attention to the problem

Update:20 Apr 2018

With the increasing use of pressure washers, the freque […]

With the increasing use of pressure washers, the frequency of use is getting higher and higher, and maintenance is increasingly important. Especially the high-pressure cleaner, because of the processing precision, has a great relationship with the maintenance of the high-pressure cleaner.

From time to time, some customers have heard why high pressure washers are so easy to buy. Some customers say that the brand's high pressure washers are of good quality. The reason why there are such big differences is mainly the difference between operation and usage. Different use customers have different uses of high pressure washers, resulting in different service life of high pressure washers.

Pressure washers have relatively high requirements for water quality. If there is fine sand in the water, the plunger and water seal of the high pressure cleaner may be worn out by the fine sand in the water, causing the pressure of the high pressure cleaner to be insufficient and leaking; When the washing machine is turned off, the high-pressure water in the high-pressure washing machine is also unloaded after shutting down, or the high-pressure water will become hotter and hotter in the inside, and finally the water seal of the high-pressure washing machine is damaged. Pressure washers can also be switched on when no water enters the pump, but the time should not be too long.

High-pressure pipe maintenance, high-pressure pipe is resistant to high pressure and not wear-resistant, often drag the high pressure pipe on the ground will rub off the rubber and leak; high-pressure pipe can not be heavy pressure, if a pressure, high-pressure pipe wire deformation Causes water leakage.

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