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High pressure cleaning to clear the pipe profile

Update:16 Jan 2018

1,High-pressure cleaning to clear: that is, ordinary ta […]

1,High-pressure cleaning to clear: that is, ordinary tap water pressurized by high pressure pump to hundreds or even thousands of atmospheric pressure, it can carry out steel cutting, sand casting, metal rust, pipe wall to better remove salt, alkali, scale and Various blockages.
2, No side effects: professional and technical personnel operation, will not pipe (pipe material will not) or equipment damage.
3, Operating conditions: bring their own equipment, bring their own water, generally do not need to hire other facilities.
The main objects of high pressure cleaning machine cleaning: (for a variety of pipe: cylinder tile pipe, PVC pipe, PE composite pipe, cement pipe, cast iron pipe, etc.) 1, various specifications of the sewer, industrial water pipelines, industrial and mining enterprises and residential areas 2, all kinds of heat exchangers, condensers, air preheaters, refrigerators, water heaters, water pipes, gas pipes, flue pipes and two-phase flow pipeline plugging; 3, various types of boilers, tanks, containers scale, salt scale, alkali scale and materials; 4, heating systems, Central Asia air-conditioning equipment scale Special treatment); 5, all kinds of large buildings, buildings and equipment inside and outside the surface of the attachment

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