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High Pressure Cleaner Widely Used in Gas Storage

Update:06 Sep 2018

Wenling High Pressure Cleaner Are Widely Used in Oil an […]

Wenling High Pressure Cleaner Are Widely Used in Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation.

1. Guarantee the quality of storage and transportation oil while not polluting the environment

Oil tankers, railway tankers, motor tankers, oil drums and other oil and gas storage and transportation tools must be cleaned after long-term use or when changing storage media, in order to ensure the quality of the storage and transportation of oil. The working medium of the high pressure cleaner adopts clean water without adding any chemical cleaning agent, and the difficulty of water treatment and the difficulty of water treatment during chemical cleaning are significantly reduced. The high pressure cleaner is less noisy in rust removal applications and has no glare, so there is no sound and light pollution to the operator.

2. Quality assurance

After the oil storage tank is used for a certain period of time, the bottom will be fouled. In order not to affect the quality of the oil and the volume of the tank, cleaning is required. The high pressure cleaner belongs to the physical cleaning equipment. The cleaning operation can be carried out in an all-round way and automatically by using the Gasoline Pressure Washer. As long as the high pressure water jet can reach the area, it can be cleaned without dead spots or unreachable areas. The quality of the cleaning is very high.

3. Equipment maintenance is safe and reliable

In order to ensure safe operation, oil storage equipment such as oil tanks must be cleaned during the cutting, welding or spraying to remove grease and oil vapor to ensure safe operation. In the cleaning operation of oil depot equipment or oil pipelines, conventional hot or moving electricity is very dangerous. Very strict safety measures must be taken and safety regulations must be strictly observed. The use of a high pressure cleaner for cleaning does not produce sparks, and the operating environment temperature is normal, even in environments with high oil and gas concentrations.

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