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High Pressure Cleaner Technology Needs Improvement

Update:22 Jun 2018

High pressure washers use water as a medium to convert […]

High pressure washers use water as a medium to convert a large amount of energy through a high-pressure water generator, and then use a special type of fluid motion to eject a highly concentrated jet of energy from a specially shaped high-pressure nozzle at a very high speed. We can use the strong shear force and impact force of high-pressure water jets to remove the fouling substances very easily. We can also use different jet components to obtain different jet patterns to solve the problem of cleaning different scales and achieve ideal results. However, current high pressure washer cleaning technology is not perfect, there are many areas that need improvement.

The cleaning range of high pressure washers is also greatly constrained, which needs further improvement and expansion, such as the shell side of the heat exchanger (especially the fixed tube plate type), the jacket of the reactor, etc., using ultra-high pressure water jet technology. Can not be achieved, so further increase the scope of application of high pressure washer is also very important.

At present, the managers of the companies engaged in high pressure washer cleaning services in China are still operators. Their theoretical quality is still not very high. The basic principles of high-pressure water jets, the reasons for selecting nozzles, how to adjust the jet structure, and the work of various types of high-pressure nozzles The principle, regulation and cleaning performance knowledge is not very good, so it has been very limited in the specific cleaning process, the emergence of the problem of technical personnel can not be resolved in a timely manner. Therefore, it is also very important to raise the technical level of practitioners.

Through the above introduction, we must expand the impact of this technology, only on the one hand to improve the quality and knowledge of employees, on the other hand to improve the technical deficiencies, starting from these two aspects, our high pressure washer cleaning technology Perfect and better service the cleaning industry.

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