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High Pressure Cleaner Pavement Cleaning Advantage

Update:06 Sep 2018

A high pressure cleaner is a machine that rushes a surf […]

A high pressure cleaner is a machine that rushes a surface of a surface by using a power plant to generate high-pressure water from a high pressure piston pump. It can peel off the dirt and wash it away to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. Because it uses high-pressure water column to clean dirt, high pressure cleaning is also recognized as one of the most scientific, economic and environmentally friendly cleaning methods in the world.

High pressure cleaner is a new type of high-efficiency cleaning equipment. It uses high-pressure water generated by high-pressure water generating device to convert huge pressure into highly concentrated water jet through high-pressure nozzle. High-tech equipment to complete the cleaning task. So, what are the advantages of using a high pressure cleaner to clean the road surface? Let us introduce this aspect.

The ultra high pressure cleaner used for crushing and repairing concrete pavement can reach a maximum pressure of 3000 bar, which is much larger than the pressure of a general high pressure cleaner. A large number of cleaning practices have proved that the road surface cleaned by the high-pressure cleaner has no damage, and the paint marking lines on the road surface are also cleaned. The high pressure cleaner is not only efficient but also very efficient. water. In addition, in terms of refurbishment and repair of pavement concrete, the traditional method often destroys the original building structure, and the use of high pressure cleaners for cleaning will not only cause damage and damage to the pavement structure, but also Strengthen the adhesion of newly paved concrete.

We can see the great advantage of using a high pressure cleaner to clean the road surface. Therefore, the application of high pressure cleaners to the cleaning of road surfaces has received more and more attention

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