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High Pressure Cleaner Has Good Cutting Effect

Update:21 Jul 2018

Chinaninecontinent high pressure cleaner is one of the […]

Chinaninecontinent high pressure cleaner is one of the most commonly used cleaning equipments in the world. It is an extreme for cleaning purposes with the powerful impact of high-pressure water flow. With the improvement of the performance of the high pressure cleaner, the pressure is getting larger and larger, and the impact energy of the water flow is greatly improved. The application of the High Pressure Washer equipment will not only be limited to the cleaning aspect, but also can be cut by it.

In some industries, high pressure cleaner has quietly shift from cleaning tools for cutting tools, automobile industry, for example, high pressure washer and traditional laser, plasma, electron beam compared to the thermal cutting process such as its advantages are quite obvious.

Modern cars not only change the type quickly, but also have many varieties and small batch sizes. This requires that the automobile production molds have the characteristics of high versatility and high flexibility, and the use of high pressure cleaner for high-pressure water jet technology processing parts is very effective. In addition, high pressure cleaners, such as exterior panels, can also be considered when cutting aluminum larger than 6 mm or steel larger than 10 mm. The high pressure cleaner is a machine that rushes the surface of the object by using a high-pressure plunger pump to generate high-pressure water through a power device. It can peel off the dirt and wash it away to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. Mainly using high-pressure water column cleaning to cut the interior decoration panels, various liners and glass plastic panels.

At present, some foreign companies have used large-scale high-pressure water jet cutting machines to process auto parts, which makes the cutting precision of large-sized reinforcing fiber coverings of large passenger cars and other vehicles reach 0.127mm, and the processing precision is extremely high.

Obviously, the high pressure cleaner has low cutting cost, good cutting effect, high pressure pump and can adapt to some special cutting requirements. Medium and high pressure pumps, for example, at present, this cutting technology has just started in China. For example, the automotive industry believes that more and more industries are familiar with this equipment.

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