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Gasoline pressure washer Reciprocating

Update:01 Jun 2018

The world's first reciprocating washing machine with br […]

The world's first reciprocating washing machine with brush was invented in 1963 by Takeuchi Ironworks (predecessor of Takeuchi Science & Technology Co., Ltd.) located in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.
Reciprocating washing machine control system
Reciprocating washing machine profile picture
Reciprocating washing machine control system is mainly divided into two categories, one is the PLC technology, and the other is the microcontroller technology. One misunderstanding that needs to be corrected is that the microcontroller is cpu and the PLC has no CPU. This statement is wrong. PLC has its own CPU module. PLC is relying on the current sensing technology. With the photoelectric sensor switch, the pressure of the brush is converted into an electric signal and transmitted to the CPU to sense the shape of the body. The SCM technology relies on photoelectric sensors, which convert the identified obstacle information into electrical signals for transmission to the CPU. The advantage of PLC control system is easy maintenance, rapid development speed, strong anti-interference ability, disadvantages are more expensive than SCM, occupying a larger space than SCM; the advantage of SCM is small footprint, low price, the disadvantage is long development cycle, poor anti-interference ability . The world's high-end car washing machines use PLC or SCM control systems.
Reciprocating washing machine brush
Reciprocating washing machine Many people say that the reciprocating washing machine hurts the car paint. In fact, the car rubs against the air during the driving process, and it adheres to the paint surface with a lot of dust. After a long time, a kind of film will form. This film will affect the car. Paints cause constant damage, and high-pressure water cannot flush away this film. With a brush washing machine, the brush can evenly knock out the film. The brushes are all high-composite materials that will not harm the paint.

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