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First Aid Measures for Daily Use of High Pressure Washer

Update:05 Sep 2018

After using the high pressure washer for a period of ti […]

After using the high pressure washer for a period of time, due to improper operation or other reasons, there will be some minor faults. Even if it does not affect the cleaning work at one time, if it is not handled in time, the minor faults will evolve into big problems. It will be difficult to handle it.

When the high pressure washer is in operation, if it hears an abnormal squeal, it is likely that the motor bearing is missing the oil. At this time, we can simply solve the problem by injecting ordinary butter into the filling hole of the motor. Also, remember that the hydraulic fluid is regularly replenished during daily maintenance.

High Pressure Washer has a certain working pressure during the operation, but they can not always adjust the rated pressure of the equipment. In this case, it is necessary to determine whether the aperture of the high pressure nozzle matches. If the problem is not solved after replacing the nozzle, check the pressure regulator of the high pressure washer.

If the fault persists under the precondition of excluding these two conditions, it means that the seal assembly of the high pressure washer pump is damaged or the piston is damaged. Contact the manufacturer for assistance in maintenance. Do not dismantle the equipment for maintenance, so as to avoid further deterioration of the problem.

When we regularly maintain and maintain the High Pressure Cleaner, we must observe the color of the crankcase lubricant through a window. If it is found to be turbid or milky, it means that the seal in the high pressure pump is not tight or has been damaged. It must be shut down immediately for replacement.

If the high pressure washer is in operation, the high-pressure hose will vibrate violently. This may be caused by the disorder of the valve work. It needs to be repressurized to overcome it. All of the above are minor faults that may occur during the normal use of high pressure washers and corresponding treatment methods for reference.

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