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Explain the Composition of Different Electric Bicycle Motor

Update:12 Sep 2018

Wenling Electric Bicycle Motor has different classifica […]

Wenling Electric Bicycle Motor has different classifications and forms because of their different environments and frequency of use. Today, let us introduce the composition of different electric bicycle motors.

1. Permanent magnet DC Hub Motor

Composition: This type of electric bicycle motor is composed of a stator pole, a rotor, a brush, a casing and the like.

Specific introduction: The stator magnetic pole adopts permanent magnets, among which ferrite, aluminum nickel cobalt and other materials, and according to its structural form can be divided into cylindrical and tile type; its rotor is generally laminated with silicon steel sheet. The enamelled wire is wound between the two slots of the rotor core, and the joints are respectively welded to the metal piece of the commutator; the brush is a conductive component connecting the power source and the rotor winding, and has the properties of conduction and wear resistance. At present, electric bicycle motors are generally in this form.

2. Brushless DC motor

Composition: It consists of permanent magnet rotor, multi-pole winding stator, position sensor, etc. It has the advantages of high reliability, no commutation spark and low mechanical noise.

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