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Explain the Composition of Different Electric Bicycle Motor II

Update:12 Sep 2018

Specific introduction: Brushless DC motor is characteri […]

Specific introduction: Brushless DC motor is characterized by brushless, which uses semiconductor switching device to realize electronic commutation, that is, electronic switch device replaces traditional contact commutator and brush; position sensor according to rotor position The change can be used to commutate the current of the stator windings in a certain order.

3. High speed permanent magnet brushless motor

Composition: It consists of stator core, magnetic steel rotor, sun gear, deceleration clutch and so on.

Specific introduction: This type of electric bicycle motor can also be equipped with a Hall sensor on the cover for speed measurement.

The position sensor of the Electric Bicycle Motor has three types: magnetic sensitive type, photoelectric type and electromagnetic type. A brushless DC motor using a magnetic sensitive position sensor, the magnetic sensor device is mounted on the stator assembly, and can be used to detect changes in the magnetic field generated when the permanent magnet and the rotor rotate; the brushless DC motor using the photoelectric position sensor is The photoelectric sensor device is arranged at a certain position on the stator assembly; the brushless DC motor using the electromagnetic position sensor is an electromagnetic sensor component mounted on the stator assembly, and the electromagnetic sensor is generated when the position of the permanent magnet rotor changes. Frequency modulated signal.

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