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Electric Bicycle Motor Parts Analysis and Maintenance Process

Update:11 Sep 2018

With the development of the economy, the roads have wid […]

With the development of the economy, the roads have widened and the number of vehicles has increased, but it has also caused traffic congestion. So everyone started to choose electric bicycles for the convenience of driving. It should be noted that in electric bicycles, electric bicycle motors play a vital role in controlling the driving problems of electric bicycles. Next, let's take a closer look at the Hub Motor!

Part analysis of Electric Bicycle Motor:

1. Electric bicycle motor: The main component that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

2. Motor base: The main body of the motor plays a role of support and fixation.

3. Impeller: The core part of an electric bicycle motor. The impeller is further divided into: an open impeller, which is suitable for conveying materials containing a large amount of suspended matter, has low efficiency, and the liquid pressure delivered is not high. Semi-closed impeller, suitable for conveying materials that are easy to precipitate or contain suspended particles of solid particles, fibers, etc., and low efficiency. Closed impeller, suitable for conveying clean liquid without impurities, with high efficiency.

4. Electric bicycle motor shaft: the main component that transmits mechanical energy.

5. Mechanical seal: A device that prevents the fluid from leaking by sticking and sliding.

Basic process of electric bicycle motor maintenance:

1. Turn on the power lock and see if the car turns

This first disconnects the plug of the controller. If the power lock is turned on and the car does not turn, the turn is broken. If the power lock is turned on and the car is turning, the controller is broken.

2. Power lock fire insurance or speeding

Disconnect the controller power plug or motor plug to immediately determine the fault. Disconnect the power plug of the controller and turn on the power lock. If the fuse is still burned, it will be caused by one or more breaks of the headlights, speakers, and instrument panel. If the fuse is not burned, the controller or motor is faulty. In addition, there is a case where the insurance value is too low and the high current load cannot withstand the insurance. If a flying phenomenon occurs, the controller is damaged.

3. Electric bicycle motor speed is slow

The measurement controller switches the interface voltage at high speed. When the rotary handle is rotated, the output voltage of the signal port changes between 0.8 and 4.8V, then the switch is broken; the power supply voltage is measured by the multimeter DC file, and then the motor voltage is measured. If the voltage difference is greater than 1V, the controller is judged to be faulty. In addition, there is abnormal noise when the motor rotates or the motor casing overheats when riding. This kind of situation should be a motor failure.

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